How many people read the New York Times? This is a question on the minds of many people. There are a number of reasons why people read the Times, including the stories and columns that it publishes. For example, about 8.8 million people pay a subscription and about 100 million people are registered to read it online. There are also 343 thousand print copies and online users each week. Apparently, many people like reading the Times and consider it an important source of information.

About 8.8 million paid subscriptions

The New York Times is re-thinking its business model. In the just-ended quarter, the company added 375,000 new digital subscriptions, including almost five million for its core news product. Another twenty-four thousand came from other digital offerings, including its recipe app and product-recommendation website Wirecutter. Those are the tails, while the number of paid print subscriptions fell short of eight million.

About 100 million registered users

The New York Times has a mobile app that serves as a large part of its content delivery system. Users prefer the convenience of reading their news stories on their phones, and NYT statistics indicate that its mobile app has been an excellent success. It offers a seamless reading and listening experience, as well as quick navigation. The mobile app also has a native ad format that matches the site’s design.

About 343 thousand print copies per week

The average number of print copies of the New York Times per week is approximately 343 thousand. In 2010, that number was as high as 1.3 million, but has steadily decreased since then. The Times’s circulation figures also don’t include its digital products, such as email, mobile, and Web, which have been growing rapidly. However, the average number of subscribers is still below a million.

About 343 thousand online users per week

The New York Times has about 8.4 million subscriptions, and about seven million of those are digital. Print subscriptions were down to 795,000 in the third quarter from 831,000 in the same period last year. But, the newspaper has seen growth internationally, passing one million subscriptions last year. So, how do they plan to keep up with the growth? By promoting bundles of digital products that include the newspaper, digital news and other digital needs, the Times hopes to reach 15 million subscribers.

About 100 million registered users per week

While the New York Times Company reported that total digital revenue surpassed print revenues for the first time, it still continues to report declines in print advertising. Last quarter, for example, print advertising fell by 50% year over year due to the pandemic and secular declines. CEO Mark Thompson is not optimistic about the future of advertising in the NY Times. But he does not believe that advertising will ever completely disappear from print media.

About 1.4 million print copies per week

The New York Times sells about 1.4 million print copies every week, but the newspaper is losing readers and is on the decline. In 2021, The Times sold 343 thousand copies on a typical weekday, down from 1.3 million just a decade earlier. This is not surprising since print newspaper circulation has declined steadily for several years. In 2014, the newspaper stopped publishing circulation figures for its digital platforms, leaving only its print editions on the streets.

About 1.4 million online users per week

As a business, the New York Times is a lucrative one. It generates more money from digital subscribers than from print readers, so its revenue per reader is higher than its cost. Its digital revenue grew by 16.3 percent last year, largely from direct sales of display banners and podcast commercials. This increase is tied to The Times’ extensive first-party data. That means it doesn’t rely on third-party tracking software, which has fallen out of favor in recent years. Apple recently updated its software to make tracking users across apps harder.

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