To properly cite a New York Times article, you must know how to cite the title, date, and article’s author. Library citation generators will add a date range to the title, but that is not the proper citation style. The article’s title should always be written in lowercase, and the author’s name should also be in lowercase. If you aren’t sure what citation style to use, ask a librarian for help.


Depending on the type of source, a NYT article can be found in various journals and magazines, and citing it correctly requires knowing the correct format. The article’s author, if any, should be included in the reference. The author’s last name, first initial, or middle name is typically used. Additional authors should be listed after the last author. It is also important to include the date, if known.

When citing an article, it is important to ensure that it is written according to APA format. The article should be double-spaced, and the Reference List should have a hanging indent, which means subsequent lines should be indented 0.5 inches. An APA sample paper contains instructions on hanging indents. Remember that articles are usually written by journalists, so you do not need to have any subject knowledge to write a decent paper using one.


There are several methods for citing a news article in MLA format. The first method is to include the full article title and author. However, if the article is spread across multiple pages, citing the full article is not necessary. Instead, you can include the DOI or Digital Object Identifier, or DOI. Regardless of the method, the final result should be readable to your readers.

Newspaper articles have specific citation requirements. While the structure of your bibliography remains the same, there are slight differences. For example, in an article about global warming, you should cite the author’s full name. Similarly, if an article describes climate change, you should use “human-made climate” instead of “man-made climate change.”


There are two ways to cite a newspaper article, including the quotation marks and the citation style. The first is to cite the article itself, as it is considered a primary source, while the other is to cite a secondary source (e.g., a book). Newspapers are widely circulated and written for the public. Some of these articles are also sourced from journals and magazines.

The citation format for a newspaper article depends on the referencing style used, and Chicago style allows for both footnote and author-date citations. Footnotes should include the author’s name, article title, publication date, and page number. A New York Times article can have multiple sections. If the article is divided into two separate sections, the comma should indicate which section is quoted.

Alternative author-date citation style

If you’re not sure how to properly cite a New York Times article, you can use the Alternative author-date citation style. This style follows the Chicago manual of style and is an alternative to using APA. You’ll need to check your professor’s guidelines, but in general, this is a good way to reference the article. It is recommended to cite the article consistently throughout your document.

When citing an article in the New York Times, you should include both the author’s name and the date the article was published. Sometimes the article is published without a date, so you may have to use a shorter citation style. When citing an article that was published on the Internet, you should use a shorter version of the citation. For example, if the article was published on July 22, 2013, you should include the year and month, but not the day of publication.

Internet Explorer

If you’ve ever read a New York Times article, you probably know you need to cite it in your paper, and you might be wondering how to cite a New York Times article in Internet Explorer. First of all, you must include the article’s title. If there are more than one page, you should enclose the first page number with a plus sign. This way, the article will continue from the page you’ve just skipped.

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