Let’s donate before we celebrate

If you’re anything like millions of other Americans on December 31st, you’re trying to decide where to make some last-minute donations before finding just the right person to kiss at midnight. Let us make a few suggestions of admirable nonprofits here in the Austin area and farther afield, all aimed at helping kids and spreading knowledge. Any of these organizations would be worthy of your 2015 dollars. In alphabetical order:

Amala Foundation runs the Global Youth Peace Summit, Camp Indigo, and many other youth empowerment programs.

Austin Book Arts Center engages Austinites of all ages in creative, interpretive, and educational experiences related to the arts of the book.

Austin Bat Cave offers free writing workshops for kids to spark creativity and enhance literacy skills.

Children’s Defense Fund provides a strong independent voice for all the children of America who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves, with special attention on the needs of poor children.

EcoRise Youth Innovations inspires young leaders in Austin to design a sustainable future with its school-based programs teaching environmental literacy, social innovation, and design skills.

Education Transformation Alliance is a collective of alternative educators around Austin who organize the annual Alternative School Fair. The next fair will be held February 20, 2016.

Khan Academy seeks to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere through videos and exercises.

Wikipedia. You know it. You use it. And so do your kids. It’s not perfect, but it provides valuable information to millions every day and is designed to reach everyone in the world with free knowledge.

Happy New Year!

Shelley and Teri Sperry

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