EmoTrak – Can You Read People’s Emotions?

The New York Times is selling the ability to read people’s emotions to brands. The tool uses deep-learning techniques and reader insights to gauge a person’s mood. It’s a promising new tool for a company that wants to know what its audience really feels about a product. But is it really as effective as the company says? And is it worth the money? Here are some things to keep in mind about the tool. Facial-recognition tech This technology, which uses computer vision to recognize faces, has many uses. It can help track customer service, read people’s emotions during interviews, and […]

What Makes People Charismatic?

There are many ways to become charismatic, but one key trait is natural gifts. Charismatic people focus on how others feel during the conversation rather than their message. They create an emotional connection with others. Here are three tips to become charismatic. Read this article for more information. Then, learn to use them to create an emotional connection with others. Once you master these skills, you can be a charismatic leader. Natural gifts make people charismatic What makes a charismatic person? Many people think it’s their refined speaking style or engaging storytelling, but this quality is much more complicated than […]