Alternative School Fair

Austin Alternative School Fair 2016!

If you have kids in the preschool-to-elementary range, don’t miss the special show at noon! Lizzie Samples has been enchanting young audiences and their parents all over Austin with her Happy Face Storytime Performances. This is a perfect chance to see Lizzy enact a beloved children’s story, in costume, with her signature charm and artistry. And, just like the fair itself, it’s FREE!

Thinking ahead to potential hunger meltdowns or thirst-induced doldrums at the fair? The friendly folks at Whole Foods Market will be on hand with healthy snacks and beverages for sale! So plan to stay a while, play, talk, munch, and learn with us. If you have questions for me or any of the participating program directors before the fair, please leave them in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. Be sure to follow our Facebook event page for updates as we announce more fun, engaging activities for your kids.

See you at the fair!


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