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The Alt Ed Teacher Exchange

We are all on the same mission: to change how we as a culture approach education.  Let’s join together in a new form of collaboration with a Teacher Exchange Program!

Mentors/teachers/guides at two different schools can switch places for the day, and learn—through direct interaction—what makes those schools awesome! We will experience what is successful and unique at another alt ed school and bring it “home”: putting into practice new ideas that we gain from other educators and learning environments.

Integrity Academy and Whole Life Learning Center are spearheading this movement, and we are in the planning stages of our first exchange date. One of our mentors will spend the day at WLLC, while one of theirs will come work with us. We all get the benefit of sharing teaching ideas and alt ed culture—without having to hire a sub!

If you are interested in participating in a Teacher Exchange day, please contact me at [email protected], and I will help facilitate it. Thank you!

Gina McMurray

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