Resolve to find the right fit for your kid.

January is my favorite month. When the new year arrives, it brings a sense of possibility that I find utterly exhilarating. I love making resolutions, both personal and professional, and sometimes I even manage to keep them. That January buzz is in the air here at Alt Ed Austin right now as more and more parents resolve to find the right fit for their kids—and take the necessary steps to do it.

As enrollment deadlines for the next school year approach, our community calendar is filling up with school tours, visiting days, and information sessions. Likewise, my private consultation appointments are filling quickly, so I’ve resolved to expand my office hours this month to accommodate parents who are available only on evenings or weekends. Just contact me with your scheduling needs, and I’ll do my best to find a time to meet with you for an in-depth discussion of your unique child’s best schooling options.

We’re also offering a small-group workshop on January 19 for parents who are looking for general information about choosing schools. We’ll address different types of educational approaches, things to look for and ask when you visit schools, and common fears about taking your kid off the beaten parth. In addition, we’ll do some exercises to help clarify your own educational attitudes, values, and priorities, with ample time for Q&A. If you attend the workshop and then decide that you’d like to talk with me privately and in more detail about your child’s individual needs, you’ll get $20 off the regular consultation rate.

And don’t forget that we have all kinds of free information available right here on the website. Take some time to explore the directories of alternative schools, preschools, specialty schools, and other alt ed programs. (We’ll also be updating our summer camp directory for 2014 soon.) You can hear directly from wonderful local educators about their own approaches and techniques in the many guest posts that have appeared here on the blog over the past two years.

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Happy New Year, everyone!


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