Media Monday: Locals we love

Tumble is a podcast for kids ages 8 to 12 about every aspect of SCIENCE! But honestly, I’m five times older than that target demographic, and I’m adding it to my playlist today. The hosts are partners in life and on the podcast. Lindsay Patterson and Marshall Escamilla love trivia, cool and gross stories, and dumb puns.  But mostly they love science.

In episodes that last about 15 minutes each, Lindsay and Marshall share fascinating facts about salamanders, electricity, and exploding stars.  As with most podcasts, the thing that will keep you coming back is the chemistry (!) of the hosts, who ask sharp, interesting questions of their scientist guests and do a lot of giggling. And if you end up loving it like I do, there’s also a newsletter you can subscribe to and a way to support the podcast through Patreon. Follow Tumble on Facebook and on Twitter.

Shelley Sperry


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