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Giveaway: The Universe Trilogy

Since I discovered them ten years ago, I’ve been seizing every opportunity to share my love for the three beautiful children’s books in The Universe Trilogy. What better excuse than Alt Ed Austin’s 2nd Anniversary Giveaway Week?


In this charming book, the “Universe” is your home, your host, and your storyteller. If it could talk, it would say exactly what Jennifer has scripted for it.
—Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director, Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History


These books, all written by Jennifer Morgan, do an excellent job of explaining complex scientific concepts in ways that children can easily grasp without dumbing them down. Just as importantly, they do it in ways that inspire awe in readers of all ages. The books are narrated in first person—by the universe itself—and addressed directly to the reader. It’s an unusual strategy, and it works.


The story of life is, quite simply, the greatest story ever told . . . and here is the perfect first telling. —Bill McKibben, author, The End of Nature, the first-ever book about global warming; president and cofounder, 350.org


The illustrations, painted by Dana Lynne Anderson, are gorgeous and expansive. The Big Bang Theory, the formation of stars and planets, the origins and early development of life, and the evolution of humans will make lasting impressions on young readers’ minds in part because the facts are accompanied by such unforgettable images.


Mammals Who Morph . . . will engage and enchant, as well as educate. . . . It is a must for every school library—and I shall give it to my grandchildren and my sister’s grandchildren and my godchildren . . .
—Dr. Jane Goodall, founder, Jane Goodall Institute;
UN Messenger of Peace


If you are lucky enough to win this trilogy in our drawing, I predict that, like Jane Goodall, you’ll eventually want to get more to give away. If so (or, perish the thought, you don’t win), you can buy them directly from Dawn Publications, one of the best publishers of quality books on science and nature for families. In the meantime, be sure to get your entries in by midnight on Thursday, December 12! I’ll announce the winners of all of the week’s giveaways on Friday.


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