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Amy Jackson reaches for the stars

Starry Sky Austin’s Amy Jackson always has a lot to say about space and astronomy. What she shares in this guest post (adapted from a recent one on her own blog), however, is more personal—and highly adventurous! Read on and watch Amy’s short, sweet video to learn how you can help one of our favorite alternative educators launch her latest mission.

Why does space exploration matter? Why should we put our hard-earned money into something that seems so intangible when there are so many other issues that need our attention here on Earth?

I get this question a lot as I work at educating the public about space. To answer, it helps to remember what got me excited about space and astronomy and why I eventually decided to study physics in college. It all points back to an experience I had on a field trip to NASA when I was in the third grade. As I followed my fellow classmates around rooms filled with mock-ups of Apollo mission spacecrafts, old astronaut suits kept behind glass, and small artifacts from past missions, I stumbled across a book filled with signatures of people who wanted to be astronauts. I will never forget adding my own signature to that book.

In eighth grade I went to Space Camp. I chose to study physics and astronomy in college. Two years ago I applied to the educator astronaut program at NASA, and now I teach children and the public about space and astronomy. Today I am working hard to get as many votes as possible so I can win a trip to space and fulfill my lifelong dream.

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