Adjectives beginning with ‘e’

The alphabet ‘a’ is the most frequently used vowel in the English language. As a result, there exists a countless number of adjectives beginning with e. Not only there are innumerable positive adjectives beginning with e, but there are multiple descriptive words that have negative implications too. Let us look at 50 such adjectives beginning with e.

50 adjectives that start with ‘E’

1. Eager – Strong desire to do or have something, keenly expectant
John is eager to start his guitar lessons from Monday.

2. Early – Happening before expected time or near the start of a particular period
An early goal from Thiago proved to be enough as Liverpool claimed a crucial victory over Manchester United.

3. Earnest – Sincere, marked by firm belief or conviction
Despite her earnest efforts, Beatrice couldn’t secure top marks.

4. Earthy – resembling earth or soil; hearty or expressing oneself directly without any restraint
The earthy aroma after the first spell of an April shower is unforgettable.

5. Eatable – edible or suitable to consume as food
The school canteen served meals that were hardly eatable.

6. Ebony – made of or resembling ebony, very dark, lustrous black
“Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling“…

7. Ebullient – cheerful and full of vim and vigor
The captain was in an ebullient mood before the match started.

8. Eccentric – noticeably unconventional and strange; not concentric
Raymond was eccentric and odd, but he had a good heart and always meant well.

9. Eclectic – obtaining ideas and styles from a wide-ranging and diverse assortment of sources
Randy has an eclectic taste in music.

10. Economical – avoiding waste, thrifty; giving good value in return concerning variables like time, money, etc.
A train ride is more economical and more enjoyable than a plane ride.

11. Ecumenical – representing different Christian churches, promoting or fostering unity among Christian churches or different religions
The convention is among the world’s largest ecumenical events and attracts a lot of attention.

12. Edgy – tense or nervous; avant-garde
Gray was nervous and edgy all day.

13. Edible – fit to be eaten
Not all mushrooms are edible as some are poisonous and can instantly kill you.

14. Edifying – instruct morally or enlightening to encourage intellectual improvement
The film was informative and edifying. That’s why it was shown at school.

15. Eerie – strange, uncanny, and frightening
An eerie feeling of someone stalking me sent shivers down my spine.

16. Effectual – effective; legally valid or binding
Quinine is an effective medicine for malaria.

17. Effusive – showing or demonstrating unrestrained gratitude or pleasure
Steve realized that Lauren’s effusive remarks were not sincere.

18. Egotistic – an excessive sense of self-importance; arrogance or false pride
He is too egotistic to pay heed to constructive criticism.

19. Eidetic – of vivid mental images, which are accurate in their detail
Shawn has an eidetic memory.

20. Elegiac – mournful or melancholic; resembling or characteristic of an elegy
The sonnet’s elegiac quality made me reminisce some unhappy memories.

21. Eligible – qualified, allowed or worthy of being selected to do or obtain something; suitable for marriage
Ronan is not eligible for sick pay.

22. Eloquent – fluent in speaking or writing; clearly expressing something
I’ve never heard such an eloquent acceptance speech before.

23. Elusive – difficult to get hold of or remember
Harry, as elusive as ever, was nowhere to be found.

24. Emaciated – abnormally think mainly from disease or hunger or cold
The photos of emaciated children in the refugee camps made me sick to the stomach.

25. Emotional – pertaining to a person’s emotions; characterized by or evoking intense feelings; affected by emotion by a great degree
It was an emotional family reunion when Sara met her mother after 20 long years.

26. Endearing – lovable or inducing affection
The child’s honesty was one of his most endearing qualities.

27. Energetic – active or lively, displaying or possessing a considerable amount of energy
Barry, at 70, seems remarkably energetic for his age.

28. Enigmatic – mysterious, difficult to comprehend
The enigmatic smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has captivated the beholders for centuries.

29. Enlightening – imparting knowledge or provide give spiritual knowledge for moral and intellectual improvement
Professor White’s first lecture was particularly enlightening.

30. Enthralling – capturing one’s attention, captivating
I love Agatha Christie’s mystery novels as they provide an enthralling experience.

31. Envious – feeling envy, jealous
Pam was envious of her sister’s achievements.

32. Ephemeral – lasting for a small period of time, fleeting
Physical beauty is ephemeral in nature.

33. Epileptic – relating to or characteristic of epilepsy
Rick had an epileptic fit when he was hit by a boot on his face while heading the ball.

34. Equine – relating to or belonging to horses, resembling a horse
Alan had a long, equine face and was teased by his classmates often.

35. Equivalent – equal in meaning, value, etc., having the same effect as something
The new rules and regulations were deemed as equivalent to censorship that irked the artists.

36. Erratic – unpredictable, prone to sudden change, or irregular in movement or pattern
The weather has been erratic since the morning.

37. Erroneous – characterized by error, wrong or incorrect
We hurried and invariably arrived at erroneous conclusions.

38. Ersatz – artificial, cheap substitute that is inferior
The hotel serves ersatz coffee and low-quality bread.

39. Erudite – learned, possessing great knowledge
Who would have thought that such an erudite man would make such disgraceful comments publicly?

40. Esteemed – respected and admired, having a great reputation
John enjoyed an esteemed reputation among his peers.

41. Ethereal – so delicate and light as if not from this world; heavenly
Grace Kelly’s ethereal beauty made her one of the most popular actresses of her time.

42. Ethical – relating to the moral principles or the science of it; morally correct; of the philosophical study of ethics
Many oppose euthanasia on ethical grounds.

43. Ethnic – relating to a population subgroup having its own culture, tradition, etc.; a pagan or someone who is not Christian or Jewish
The ethnic jewellery that the bride wore elevated her beauty to another level.

44. Euphoric – feeling intense joy and happiness, elated
The doctors were euphoric after the success of the vaccine trials.

45. Evasive – deliberately being vague and indirect to avoid something; avoiding or escaping from danger or a problematic situation
Cathy’s evasive replies confirmed me that something went wrong today.

46. Everlasting – lasting indefinitely or for a very long time or, eternal
Everyone in the class was tired of Paul’s everlasting pranks.

47. Exceptional – unusual; remarkably outstanding
Jay is a man of exceptional talent.

48. Excursive – digressive, tending to deviate from the main point or a particular course
His speech began brightly, but toward the end, it was muddled with excursive statements.

49. Exemplary – serving as an ideal model, perfect; serving to warn
The lofted pass from Xavi was exemplary.

50. Exuberant – full of excitement and joy, unrestrained feelings; luxuriant; having a highly imaginative artistic style
A raucous bunch of exuberant school children was creating a ruckus outside my window.

This list of 50 adjectives beginning with e is illustrative and not an exhaustive list. We have provided you with more resources below to improve your vocabulary and expand your glossary of adjectives beginning with e.

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