75 Nice Argumentative Essay Topics

The anvil on which the spark of truth is struck is discussion. The best conversations are always ones that involve discussion. Arguments are something we all enjoy and, if this isn’t for you, then you haven’t found an interesting topic to discuss.

Every day we argue, we talk about everything with our family and friends, and everything seems so easy and simple. However, when the discussion must be arranged in writing form, that’s where it gets tricky.

Teachers usually provide a topic to write about. This allows you to narrow your problems down to searching for information and writing a text. It can be a nightmare if you have to choose a topic.

Writer’s block is a condition where the subject matter you are studying is not appealing to you. This makes it difficult to enjoy the writing task. There are many possible problems.

We believe students who are able to choose a topic are fortunate. It’s possible to write about topics that you love.

How do you choose great topics for argumentative research papers?

One rule is that you won’t be able to write an argumentative paper of any quality if your topic doesn’t spark discussion. You should choose a controversial topic without a clear answer. This will allow you to try to convince the public of your point of view or use an essay writing service in the USA.

Here are some signs of the catching subject matter:

  • It hits a raw nerve so many readers can take it to heart.
  • You can find solid facts to support your point of view.
  • It is not to cover moral issues as it is impossible to hold a logical discussion.
  • It leaves an aftertaste so the reader will think about it after he finishes reading.
  • Most importantly, you feel enthusiastic about it.

In case a lack of inspiration makes you waste time thinking about the most appropriate argumentative research paper topics, browse through our list of the best topics to choose from!

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  • Is politics always a dirty game?
  • Is gun control an efficient way to control crimes?
  • Should animals be used in experiments/testing?
  • Only a person with native ability can become a great politician.
  • Is the death penalty efficient?

Good argumentative essay topics

  • Everyone should get a higher education.
  • Can humans influence climate change?
  • Is Spanish the simplest language to study?
  • Is art a profession?
  • Can a philosopher succeed in life?

The best argumentative essay topics

  • Free access to the Internet harms students’ ability to study.
  • Are tests like the SAT are efficient nowadays?
  • Can school uniform equalize rich and poor students?
  • Prisoners should not be allowed to vote.
  • Girls today behave more aggressive towards other girls.

Perfect argumentative essay topics for middle school

  • Should we blame teachers if students show low results in testing?
  • Should we ban vending machines at school?
  • People should dedicate more time to sleep.
  • Children should not watch horror films.
  • Should parents be allowed to spank their children?

Argumentative essay topics for college

  • The most appropriate age to start voting.
  • Is the white lie acceptable if the truth hurts somebody’s feelings?
  • It is necessary to ban energetic drinks.
  • Should schools include athletes as a part of school life?
  • Is it right to boost taxes for wealthy people?

Interesting argumentative essay topics for high school

  • Is child behavior better or worse these days than it was 20 years ago?
  • Is it beneficial for students to attend single-sex schools?
  • Nowadays humanity is too dependent on technologies
  • Should the government influence our diet?
  • Is there any connection between violent video games and violent behavior?

Sports argumentative essay topics

  • NCAA has a negative impact on the academic progress of student-athletes.
  • Steroids should be considered illegal.
  • Colleges spend too much money on sports.
  • Female student-athletes are discriminated.
  • Is cheerleading a real sport?

Argumentative essay topics education

  • Are inclusive schools beneficial for “general education” students?
  • Can standardized tests determine the level of knowledge and talent of a student?
  • Should everyone get a higher education?
  • How does gender affect education?
  • How does parents’ poverty affect the child’s education?

Medical argumentative essay topics

  • Is it correct to refuse treatment because of religious beliefs?
  • Should teenagers be allowed to do plastic surgery without parents’ permission?
  • Should doctors disconnect patients who cannot be alive without life support machines?
  • Should the government punish inoperative parents of children with obesity?
  • Do doctors violate the children’s rights if they do not provide treatment according to the parent’s denial to treat the child?

Music argumentative essay topics

  • What will be the next music revolution?
  • Can violent lyrics in songs affect violent behavior?
  • Is music in the workspace a disturbance?
  • Can music be called an art?
  • Are today’s lyrics making any sense?

American history argumentative essay topics

  • The impact of Mormons on the American outlook.
  • Could Abraham Lincoln let off the Southern States from the Union without war?
  • How did slavery impact the American economy?
  • The Federal Reserve had a great impact on the Great Depression.
  • The Second Amendment is the most controversial point of the Constitution.

Psychology argumentative essay topics

  • Boy-Girl friendship is impossible.
  • Should men be protected from feminist attacks?
  • Should surrogacy be legalized?
  • Depression is the main illness of society.
  • Do parents encourage gender stereotypes?

Technology argumentative essay topics

  • Can online dating replace real dating?
  • Technology limits creativity.
  • Exploring space is a waste of money.
  • Technologies make people feel lonely.
  • Technologies have a positive impact on education.

Argumentative philosophy essay topics

  • Moral rules enslave people.
  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Is it ethical to use drugs enhancing cognition?
  • Should patriotism be considered a virtue?
  • Are people good or evil by nature?

Argumentative essay topics about animals

  • Zoos are good for animals.
  • Wearing fur and leather is always unethical.
  • Is it OK for people to keep exotic pets?
  • Are wildlife preserves healthy for all species that live there?
  • Should animal fashion be banned?

Argumentative essay topics on immigration

  • Immigration is a help to the national economy.
  • Illegal immigration can provoke terrorism.
  • Children of illegal immigrants should have access to the public system.
  • Refugees should be considered legal immigrants.
  • A thorough check of documents by employers will decrease the number of illegal immigrants.

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