50 excellent adjectives starting with j

Before we begin our discussion regarding adjectives starting with j, let us talk about the meaning of an adjective. An adjective is a crucial part of speech that functions as a modifier of nouns or noun phrases. In other words, adjectives describe nouns or pronouns. Without adjectives, our speech or text will appear bland and incomplete. Adjectives furnish us with vital information about nouns. For example, if we describe a man as old, it gives us information about the person’s age. If we portray a dress as white, it tells us that the color of the outfit is white.

The English language has 26 alphabets. There are a large number of Cheap Essay Writing Services . We can avail of such ‘descriptive words’ to ornament our speech or written pieces. In comparison to other alphabets, adjectives starting with j are limited in number but not in scope. There are plenty of fascinating words that begin with the letter j, and the precise use of such rare and exceptional adjectives can make our piece stand out among the others.

There are several participial adjectives starting with j that have excellent use in writing. We have listed our choice of 50 best adjectives starting with J below. These brilliant words have both positive meanings and negative connotations. Thus, you can use such adjectives starting with j to describe a person you like or to portray the vile nature of a person you abhor.

50 adjectives starting with J

Here is our list of 50 carefully curated adjectives starting with j. These adjectives have diverse meanings and implications. Let us have a look at them.

1. Jacobean – of or relating to the reign of James I of England
The newly renovated Gosford Manor still has remnants of Jacobean architecture.

2. Jaded – dulled by overindulgence, satiated; exhausted or weary
The jaded accountant was relieved to get two weeks of paid leave.

3. Jagged – having a rough, uneven surface with sharp projecting points
Wind and water eroded the jagged edges of the protruding cliff.

4. Jailed – being in captivity, imprisoned
The jailed sailor reminisced his globetrotting days.

5. Jangling – like a metallic sound that is harsh and discordant
The jangling silver spurs and the embroidered sombrero hat were iconic symbols of the famous outlaw.

6. Jarring – causing a harsh, incongruous, or discordant sound; causing a jolt or vibration
The misplaced note had a jarring effect on the ears.

7. Jaundiced – affected by jaundice that gives an unnatural yellow complexion; showing or affected by cynicism, resentment, or envy
David has a jaundiced view of the government’s financial policies.

8. Jaunty – having a cheerful, lively, or confident quality; dapper
John looked jaunty and self-assured in his new suit.

9. Jealous – Feeling envious of another’s achievements, advantages, or possessions; suspicious; protective of one’s rights
The jealous kid broke Rick’s toy.

10. Jeering – to deride or make abusive or mocking remarks
The jeering crowd hounded the players after the loss.

11. Jejune – simple, naive, or lacking maturity; (of ideas or writings) uninteresting, insipid, or lacking impact
Sylvia’s jejune remarks were brushed aside by the school principal.

12. Jellied – congealed into or set like a jelly
Jellied bean curd is Paula’s favorite breakfast.

13. Jellylike – thick or dense in consistency like gelatin, gelatinous
The jellylike coating adds to the flavor quotient as well as the price.

14. Jerking – lacking a steady rhythm, not regular
The jerking movements of the body were caused by involuntary muscle contractions.

16. Jerky – characterized by abrupt transitions; stupid or foolish
The minister made a jerky remark on women’s rights at the press conference today.

15. Jerkwater – small, remote, and unimportant rural settlements.
Abdul’s hometown is a jerkwater hamlet where there is a shortage of drinking water.

17. Jesting – joking, characterized by jokes and humor
The principal made it clear that the event was no jesting matter.

18. Jesuitical – characteristic of or concerning the Jesuits
Roman had had a Jesuitical education.

19. Jewelled – adorned, covered or set with jewels, gemmed
The jeweled necklace grabbed all the eyeballs at the gala.

20. Jiggered – damaged or very exhausted
A jiggered athlete collapsed after the workout.

21. Jingling – make or cause a light ringing sound as if metallic pieces striking together
The jingling wind chimes penetrated the eerie silence.

22. Jingoistic – radical patriotism that manifests in the form of aggressive foreign policies
The jingoistic media is a puppet of the right-wing nationalist party.

23. Jinxed – bringing misfortune to or casting an evil spell on, hexed
The jinxed play always stopped after the second act.

24. Jittery – edgy, nervous, or in a tense state; marked by jerky movements
Brad’s jittery hands implied that he was hiding something.

25. Jobless – unemployed or out of work
Jobless and penniless, Gary spent many a night at the railway station.

26. Jocose – characterized by humor, playful
Mr. Stewart was a man of jocose nature.

27. Jocular – characterized by jesting or fond of joking
Greg was popular among the children because of his jocular personality.

28. Jocund – marked by high spirits, cheerful or merry
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:

29. Joint – involving, shared by, or belonging to two or more entities; sharing in a position or achievement
The brothers were the joint owners of the mansion.

30. Joking – humorous or frivolous, characterized by jokes
Ray’s joking nature sometimes annoyed the senior members of the club.

31. Jolly – happy and jovial, in good spirits
Cynthia’s mother is a jolly and good-humored woman.

32. Jolting – characterized by jolts
The jolting ride made me feel sick to my stomach.

33. Journalistic – of or relating to journalists or journalism
Shameless and brazen propaganda by the media house violated all the canons of journalistic ethics.

34. Jovial – friendly, full of mirth or cheerful
Luke was a jovial kid who made many friends in school.

35. Joyless – melancholy or glum, not providing or experiencing joy or happiness
Ayn started pondering over her meaningless and joyless existence.

36. Joyous – characterized by or full of happiness
Fellini’s final masterpiece was a joyous celebration of life.

37. Jubilant – overjoyed, feeling happy or proud due to triumph
The fans were in a jubilant mood after their team annihilated their bitter rivals by six goals.

38. Judgmental – of or relating to or concerning the use of judgment; being overly critical
Cathy’s judgmental tone irked Lucia at the marriage ceremony.

39. Judicial – relating to the administration of justice, of, by, or belonging to the office of a judge, exercising careful judgment
The court ordered a judicial inquiry into the matter.

40. Jugular – relating to the neck or throat
Jennifer was lucky to survive as the blade almost ripped open her jugular vein.

41. Juicy – full of juice or succulent; appealing; scandalous
Big Mama’s briskets are tender and juicy.

42. Jumbo – a huge, bulky person or a thing
I was so hungry that I devoured two jumbo burgers within ten minutes.

43. Jumpy – anxious or nervous; bumpy or jolting
Lauren became nervous and jumpy as the final round was about to start.

44. Jungly – resembling a jungle, covered with vegetation
The jungly garden led to the headless aftermath.

45. Junior – denoting young or younger people; low-ranking or subordinate
Tom’s brother is a junior college student.

46. Jurassic – of or pertaining to or denoting the second period of the Mesozoic era
The extinction of a wide range of species occurred during the Jurassic period.

47. Jural – of or pertaining to law or legal rights and obligations
Her article on the jural relationship of a third party concerning the status of property during litigation was lauded by the members.

48. Just – fair and equitable, in accordance with what is morally right
The decision to ban him was just and impartial.

49. Justifiable – capable of being proven right or reasonable
The violent protest that involved the destruction of public property was not a justifiable act of retaliation.

50. Juvenile – childish or immature; relating to or characteristic of young people
The juvenile delinquents were subjected to rigorous punishments.

This is a comprehensive list of adjectives starting with j. As mentioned above, the number of adjectives starting with j is not much compared to other letters. But you can always explore more that will help you learn more unusual adjectives. For more insight, keep reading more about adjectives and their varied attributes.

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