50 excellent adjectives beginning with b

Before discussing our list of excellent adjectives beginning with b, let us talk about the meaning of an adjective. What do we mean by an adjective? The function of an adjective is to supply information about nouns or pronouns. Therefore, we can say that adjectives describe nouns or noun phrases. We learn more details about the nouns because of adjectives. Just to clarify, an adjective, for example, can tell us about the size, shape, age, color, etc. of a chair.

An adjective is a crucial part of speech. The English alphabet has 26 letters, and every one of them has various adjectives to offer to use in our speech or writing. Similarly, there is a great number of adjectives beginning with b that you can avail of to describe a person or a thing. These adjectives that start with b have both positive meanings and negative connotations. Thus, you can use numerous adjectives beginning with b describe your favorite person or someone whom you loathe.

50 adjectives beginning with b

Here we have compiled a wonderful list of 50 brilliant adjectives beginning with b. These adjectives have diverse meanings and implications. Let us have a look at them.

1. Backward – toward the back or rear; regressive; underdeveloped or having made less than normal progress
Most of the districts of the country are in a backward state.

2. Baffling – impossible to understand; bewildering
The surreal, experimental film with a non-linear narrative was artistically baffling.

3. Baggy – loose-fitting or hanging loosely
She was looking chic in a pair of baggy blue jeans and a black crewneck.

4. Banal – trite, lacking originality or novelty, and boring
The film suffered because of some bad acting and banal dialogues.

5. Barren – unproductive or infertile; bleak
The barren land behind Hank’s farmhouse stretched for miles.

6. Bashful – shy, unreserved, and easily embarrassed
When we asked him uncomfortable questions, Dennis gave a bashful grin.

7. Beaming – A bright, wide smile
Roy’s beaming face indicated that he had aced the exam.

8. Bedridden – coffined to bed because of injury or sickness or old age
Shelly’s grandma is bedridden with chronic arthritis for many years.

9. Befitting – suitable or appropriate
The minister gave befitting replies to the provocative queries at the press conference.

10. Belated – coming or occurring after the usual or expected time
Jodie received a belated birthday gift from Ray yesterday

11. Belligerent – aggressive, hostile; provoking war
The neighboring country’s belligerent responses provoked our Prime Minister to cancel the diplomatic conference.

12. Beloved – someone or something that is dearly loved
Mr. Hastings never recovered from the death of his beloved dog Tom.

13. Bemused – confused and bewildered
The teacher looked slightly bemused by the questions posed at him on his first day in school.

14. Benevolent – kind-hearted; having a charitable purpose
Ricky’s benevolent nature drove him to open three charitable organizations to help the needy.

15. Benign – gentle, mild, and kind; not harmful to health
Thankfully, it was just a benign tumour and not cancerous.

16. Bereft – deprived of or cut off from something; unhappy or lonely
After losing all his savings in the stock market, Mr. Tennant was bereft of hope.

17. Bespectacled – wearing glasses
A short, bespectacled man, with an aquiline nose and a pencil mustache, greeted us inside.

18. Bespoke – custom-made for a particular person
The magnificent manor was replete with bespoke furniture.

19. Bestial – animalistic; savage or brutal
The bestial measures by the police were severely criticized by the public.

20. Biased – prejudiced, characterized by bias and unfairly favoring one over another
The article was biased toward the current government.

21. Bicentenary – of or relating to the completion of 200 years
The museum will open on the bicentenary of the author’s birth.

22. Biddable – meek, obedient, or easily controlled
Rita was tractable and biddable to her husband, which bothered everyone.

23. Big-headed – arrogant or conceited
After tasting some box office success, the actor sounded big-headed in his recent interviews.

24. Bilingual – speaking or using two languages
The film was bilingual that made it ineligible for some important awards.

25. Biodegradable – Capable of being decomposed by living organisms like bacteria, fungi, etc.
We always shop at Grocer’s as their packaging is biodegradable.

26. Biological – relating to biology or living things; related by blood or genetically related
There are certain biological necessities that you should not disregard.

27. Bitter – having a sharp, acrid taste; expressing anger or resentment; a sharp painful sensation
“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

28. Bittersweet – having a taste that is both sweet and bitter; pleasure tinged with sadness
Memories often create a bittersweet symphony as we wallow in nostalgia.

29. Bizarre – very strange and strikingly unusual
The early films of German Expressionism were considered bizarre by some critics.

30. Blasphemous – committing sacrilege against or being irreverent toward God or sacred things
Along with the author’s effigies, all the copies of the book were burnt after it was declared blasphemous by the authorities.

31. Blatant – completely obvious, done openly without concealment
Nelson was subjected to blatant racist remarks in the country.

32. Blazing – extremely hot; heated (argument)
The blazing sun almost gave us a heat stroke.

33. Bleary – indistinct or blurry due to exhaustion
Carl’s eyes were bleary as he didn’t sleep for two night.

34. Blinding – intensely bright or dazzling enough to cause momentary blindness; very skillful
A flash of blinding light accompanied by a loud thud forced us to rush outside to make sense of what just happened.

35. Blissful – very happy and joyful
The rest of the family chose to remain in blissful ignorance of Jack’s shenanigans.

36. Blithe – casual and indifferent, showing a lack of concern; happy and light-hearted
His blithe disregard for the regulations and by-laws will land him in trouble one day.

37. Bloodthirsty – marked by a desire to kill and severely injure
The barbaric and bloodthirsty Huns achieved remarkable military feats.

38. Bodily – of or relating to the body or characteristic of the body
The gang was accused of intentionally causing bodily harm to the victim.

39. Boggy – marshy or very wet, soft, and muddy
We had to cross a stretch of boggy ground to reach the moor on the other side.

40. Bossy – domineering, inclined to give people orders
Karen’s bossy demeanour irked all her cousins.

41. Bothersome – annoying or irritating, causing trouble
The patellar fracture was the most bothersome injury I had had while playing football.

42. Boundless – without limit or immense
We all admired Cathy for her boundless zeal.

43. Bratty – spoiled, unruly, and ill-mannered
Everyone was apprehensive of Tim’s bratty sister.

44. Brawny – possessing great physical strength, muscular or powerful
The boxer was a brawny man with a rugged face and an intimidating personality.

45. Brisk – energetic and lively, very active
A brisk walk for an hour every day is essential for a healthy heart.

46. Brittle – easily breakable; nervous; harsh and grating (of a person’s voice)
The brittle layer of ice that covered the lake was a risky route.

47. Bucolic – pastoral, the idyllic aspect of the countryside
The bucolic beauty of my hometown village is an impressionist’s delight.

48. Burly – muscular and strong, heavily built
Two tall, burly men always escorted the business tycoon.

49. Bustling – full of noisy activity, busy
Our hotel was sadly located just opposite the bustling market.

50. Bygone – relating to an earlier time, happening in the past
The tavern’s decor had the old-world charm of a bygone era.

This list of 50 excellent adjectives beginning with b is an illustrative one. You can use any one of them to enhance the aesthetic quality of your text or speech. Apart from these 50, there are numerous other adjectives beginning with b and other letters. You can explore yourselves and improve your vocabulary by encountering, learning, and then using some uncommon or rarely used words. For more insight, keep reading more about adjectives and their varied attributes.

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